Modern webdesign on Lanzarote

Modern Webdesign

The key feature of modern webdesign is simplicity. Modern websites look fresh, appealing and are easy to use.

restaurant-webdesign-lanzaroteKey Features

          • Custom made design
          • Search Engine Optimization
          • Content Management System
          • Extendible to suit all your whishes
          • Multilingual solutions
          • Attractive Google fonts

New : Adaptive webdesign !

Websites that adapt to the screensize of mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets.

Feature Details

Custom layout and design

The key feature of modern webdesign is simplicity.

Plain, clear and simple is the preferred design style for many websites. The cleaner and easier to view the website is, the better user experience and the higher the conversion rates.

We know this, and we have mastered the art of creating professional and elegant websites.

We design a template and create graphics that suit your company´s image. Tailor made !

SEO (Search Engine Friendly)

During the proces of design we make sure that your website is search engine friendly.

We also add a sitemap which makes it easier for search engines to crawl and categorize your website.

Content Management System

Our webdesign also offers the option of using a CMS to update content yourself.

A CMS (Content Management System) is an online software that gives you an administrator login screen to your website.

When you have logged in, you can perform various changes on your website without knowing HTML.

The CMS converts your input to HTML code and automatically updates your website for you.

Extendible with a choise of more than 9000 available extentsions

For example:

  • Photo Gallery
  • Image Slideshow
  • Web Video Integration
  • Google Location Map
  • Site Search Facility
  • Booking Calendars


  • Blog
  • Latest News
  • Forums
  • PDF or other Downloads
  • E Shop
  • Social Media Sharing


Flickr Photo Album Integration

Now you can even upload and manage the photo galleries on your website by using a free Flickr account.

We hava a Joomla Plugin which connects your website with your Flickr photo sets. Never before it was so easy to update your website´s image galleries.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is increasing and becoming important tool that every business can use to advertise their services / products.

If implemented with traditional marketing it helps towards success and growth for your brand.

We can add all the social media apps to your website such as like, share and follow us features.

You can also have a live Facebook feed, a Youtube video channel and many more tools to improve your marketing by using social media sites.





Google Web Fonts

You can choose from hundreds of free, open source Google fonts developed for the web.

Adpative Webdesign

Since Oktober we offer websites that adapt to the screen of movile devices like iPhones an iPads.

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